First Steps to Safe Mold Removal

So you’ve found mold in your home or workplace. WHAT DO YOU DO to remove it?

This is THE introductory presentation on the first steps you can take to safely have the mold removed and what to do first when you find it

Get OVER 1 HOUR of MOLD DISCUSSION with common questions relating to mold and how to safely deal with it.

Get the FULL 1 HOUR PRESENTATION + Multiple PDF Downloads HERE


Shower Tile Mold Inspection Video

Do you have mold growing behind your shower tile? In this video tutorial, Cheryl walks through a DIY inspection and shares the tools she uses to test moisture levels and the possibility of mold.

Carpet Cleaning, Removal, and Safety

CAN YOU SAFELY CLEAN CARPET IN A MOLD SITUATION? Watch this free video tutorial on how to deal with carpet in a mold situation. Can you clean it? How do you safely remove it? Plus, tips to maintain safe air quality

Wellness on the Road

Architect and wellness advocate Cheryl Ciecko hosts this special presentation on how you can unplug and take your wellness plan, cleanse, or detox on the road! Includes an explanation of the types of trailers, RVs, and camping supplies which minimize your exposure to toxins, mold and water damage inside your camping vehicle.

MOISTURE MATTERS: Building Fundamentals For Success

Moisture Matters: Building Fundamentals for Success

In this webinar you will learn all of the moisture sources that affect buildings, the ways that water is transported, my top building defects for those looking for moisture producing flaws and simple solutions to keep in mind for new builds and renovations.

Mold in Buildings and the Role of Essential Oils

Mold in Buildings and the Role of Essential Oils

Learn about the interplay between mold in buildings and the role of essential oils.

Mold and Essential Oils: Science and Solutions

Mold and Essential Oils Webinar

This is an introductory webinar on the topic of mold, remediation and essential oil usage in buildings. This webinar presenter is Dr. Edward Close, PhD, PE, hosted by Cheryl Ciecko, AIA, ALA.

Dwell Well Institute

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Got Water? R. David Sweet July 2

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Bob Kelly Webinar June 19

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