Wellness on the Road | Trailers & Camping for Detox

Wellness On The Road

Architect and wellness advocate Cheryl Ciecko hosts this special presentation on how you can take your wellness plan, cleanse, or detox on the road! 

Topics will include: 

  • How to choose and maintain a toxin-free, mold-resistant trailer for your family vacation. 
  • The benefits of vacationing in the outdoors, to recover physical and mental wellness
  • How you can use outdoor accommodations during remediation from a mold-contaminated environment
  • Packing, prepping, and serving healthy nutritious foods away from home
  • How to make healthy living, efficient and stress free while camping or on the road

Attendees will be able to ask questions during the live presentation Q&A period. 

PLUS if you can’t make it live, the video recording will be available for all who register.

This webinar will occur on August 22nd @ 7pm CST.

Got Water? Mold Remediation Basics

Got Water? R. David Sweet July 2

Architect Cheryl Ciecko hosts this special presentation with guest, R. David Sweet. water damage mitigation professional & consultant with NextGen Restoration. 

Together they will discuss what to do once you have water coming in, common mistakes, and all the details that really matter when it comes to restoration and water damage.

This webinar occured on Jul 2, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST. Replay link coming soon!

Keeping Buildings Dry – Dealing with Water Intrusion

Bob Kelly Webinar June 19

Architect Cheryl Ciecko hosts this special presentation with guest, Bob Kelly, 30-year veteran General Contractor, Master Carpenter, Historic Preservationist, Inventor and student of Building Science.

Together they will discuss moisture damage causes and effects, solutions to keep construction projects dry, and durability details for brick and masonry buildings small and large.

This webinar occured on June 19th @ 7pm CST. Replay link coming soon!

How to Find a Safe Home

Mold and Essential Oils Webinar

This is an introductory webinar on the topic of finding a safe, mold-free home in 2019.

Mold and Essential Oils: Science and Solutions

Mold and Essential Oils Webinar

This is an introductory webinar on the topic of mold, remediation and essential oil usage in buildings. This webinar presenter is Dr. Edward Close, PhD, PE, hosted by Cheryl Ciecko, AIA, ALA.

Beyond Caulk: Moisture in Wood Buildings

Beyond Caulk: Mold and Moisture in Wood Buildings

In this webinar you will learn all of the moisture sources that affect buildings, the ways that water is transported, my top building defects for those looking for moisture producing flaws and simple solutions to keep in mind for new builds and renovations.

The Fungus Among Us

The Fungus Among Us Webinar

In this webinar Cheryl discusses what mold is, how it grows, why air quality is a challenge today, her personal healing journey, and strategies for recovering health in a toxic world.

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